Activity Levels

On all trips offered by DeNure Tours, travellers must be able to walk up the steps of the motor coach and handle carry-on luggage without the assistance of DeNure staff. At airports, travellers will be required to handle luggage at check-in counters. Travellers on all tours have the option to make their own plans at any time and/or top opt out of the planned itinerary, providing the tour director is aware and in agreement.

1 Rabbit: Easy
This is a relaxed type of stay-put holiday where you can choose to relax in your hotel room, and/or enjoy a day on your own. Hotels have elevators, and if there is no restaurant in the hotel, transportation will be offered for you to dine out. Our Florida and Myrtle Beach destinations fall into this category, although many participants take part in more demanding optional activities.

2 Rabbits: Moderately Easy  
Travellers could be required to walk a distance of up to 500 metres (1600 feet) on fairly level terrain. Walking one flight of stairs with railings may be necessary. There is time during the day for you to rest on your own. Ocean cruising would fall into this category, although participants may take part in more demanding excursions if they choose.

3 Rabbits: Moderate    
Travellers will occasionally have to walk on uneven surfaces and through hilly terrain. Walking tours may be on the itinerary with periods of up to an hour of walking at a gentle pace. There may also be a few one-night stays, but often the majority of your trip is spent in just a handful of hotels. Most of our North American sightseeing tours fall into this category.

4 Rabbits: Moderately Challenging      
Travellers could be required to walk on uneven surfaces or through hilly terrain, up to a distance of 1 kilometre at a time. The day could be busy with activities from morning until night. Any rest is taken while travelling on the motorcoach from one attraction to another. There may also be a number of one-night stays that necessitate the need to pack up each morning. Most of our overseas tours fall into this category.
5 Rabbits: Challenging        
These tours offer very limited accessibility and guests can expect to experience uneven surfaces (i.e. cobblestones) and hilly ground on a regular basis. The itinerary could also include well paced walking tours. This level applies to a few of our overseas tours as many historical landmarks tend to demand greater effort to reach. This also applies to our Newfoundland tours as accessibility options are scarce in some remote areas.


Since 1960, DeNureTours has been planning exciting tours throughout North America, Britain and Europe. Our Tour Planners have researched and organized great holidays using over 20 years worth of first-hand knowledge and experience. Daily sightseeing excursions to area attractions capture many of the highlights you would expect to see on your holiday. However, you will also be pleasantly surprised with some of the extras we have included for your enjoyment.

Planning Makes Perfect
Travel is about exploration and we know that you are looking for a worry-free holiday. That’s what you get when you travel with DeNureTours. Our own staff also have 24-hour support no matter where in the world they travel with you.

We have done the research to find the right hotel for each destination, ensuring that you will be safe and comfortable. And don’t worry about the driving directions, just sit back, relax and leave the navigating to us. Most importantly, we’ll not only show you the sights, but we’ll make sure that our staff and local experts offer interesting information to help you capture the flavour of the local culture. That way, you can keep your head out of the guidebook and simply enjoy the amazing sights!

No Hidden Extras!
We know that you are looking for good value for your money. That’s why our tour prices include many of your meals, and most importantly, all of the tour highlights listed in your daily itinerary. We feel that our staff should be focussed on making your holiday a memorable one, not selling you optional tours!
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AgawaCanyon14_small.jpgAGAWA CANYON ALL CANADIAN TOUR - 4 days   Moderately Easy to Moderate Activity LevelModerately Easy to Moderate Activity LevelModerately Easy to Moderate Activity Level
Fall is the best time to explore Canada’s majestic north. This 4-day tour to the Agawa Canyon includes travel by deluxe motorcoach, rail and ferry, and showcases the rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield.

11_small.jpgALASKA TOUR AND CRUISE - 19 days   Moderate to Moderately Challenging Activity LevelModerate to Moderately Challenging Activity LevelModerate to Moderately Challenging Activity LevelModerate to Moderately Challenging Activity Level
Explore the northern towns and cultures of Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon enroute to Alaska. Combine this overland tour with a 7-day Glacier Discovery cruise and you have the ultimate Alaskan holiday.

NEC_17426695Large_small.jpgCANADA & NEW ENGLAND CRUISE - 9 days   Moderately Easy Activity LevelModerately Easy Activity Level
The first European explorers of North America would have travelled the same route that you will take on this Canada and New England cruise with Holland America Line. Travel by deluxe motorcoach to Boston, Massachusetts with an overnight stop in Albany, New York, where an included dinner will cap off your day and help you get to know your fellow travellers.

Ship-in-Panama-Canal1_small.jpgDISCOVER NORTH AMERICA – INCLUDES PANAMA CANAL CRUISE - 28 days   Moderate Activity LevelModerate Activity LevelModerate Activity Level
Experience North America’s diverse landscapes and unique cultures on this month-long continental journey of a lifetime by coach, cruise and rail.

NFF_10909540CapeBonavistaLighthouse_small.jpgNEWFOUNDLAND - 10 days   Moderately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity Level
Friendliness, figgy duff, fiddles and fishing are all part of the Newfoundland experience. This enormous island is sprawling with natural beauty and soaked in both history and folklore. This tour begins with a flight to Deer Lake on the western coast of “The Rock.

Signal_Hill_main_small.jpgNEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR - 12 days   Moderately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity LevelModerately Challenging Activity Level
Experience the beauty, history and lively spirit of Canada's most easterly province. This tour features all of the sights and attractions of our traditional Newfoundland tour, but also takes time to visit Labrador, one of the last untamed and unspoiled places left on earth.

Spring-Tulips-and-Parliament-Hill-credit-Ottawa-Tourism_small.jpgOTTAWA IN BLOOM - 3 days   Moderate Activity LevelModerate Activity LevelModerate Activity Level
One of the best times to explore our nation’s capital is during the spring. It is breathtaking to see the sights of Ottawa enhanced by millions of brightly-coloured tulips, a gift from the Dutch in appreciation for Canada’s help during World War II.

ORT_warmemorial_small.jpgOTTAWA: JOURNEY OF REMEMBRANCE - 4 days   Moderately Easy Activity LevelModerately Easy Activity Level
With Remembrance Day approaching, DeNureTours would like to take time to pay tribute to those who fought, and continue to fight for our freedom. We will be hosting a “Journey of Remembrance” that will visit Ottawa and attend the Remembrance Day Ceremony at the national Cenotaph near Parliament Hill.

SAG_plainsofabraham_small.jpgSAGUENAY, QUEBEC - 6 days   Moderate Activity LevelModerate Activity LevelModerate Activity Level
Voyaging east along the mighty St. Lawrence River and through rural Quebec, visit Val-Jalbert to savour a piece of Quebecoise history. This restored lumbering village, with 70 abandoned buildings, documents the life of the early settlers.

SST_stratfordtheatre1_small.jpgSHAW & STRATFORD FESTIVALS - 3 days   Moderately Easy Activity LevelModerately Easy Activity Level
Enjoy two of Canada’s finest theatre ensembles on this 3-day tour to the Shaw and Stratford Festivals. Travel by deluxe motorcoach to historic Niagara-on-the-Lake and take in a matinee performance at the Shaw Festival.

ian_coristine_chairs_small.jpgTHOUSAND ISLANDS RESORT - 3 days   Moderately Easy to Moderate Activity LevelModerately Easy to Moderate Activity LevelModerately Easy to Moderate Activity Level
A getaway to the Glen House Resort in the Thousand Islands region combines the beauty of the fresh outdoors, with the rejuvenation of a resort. Nestled along the St. Lawrence River, the Resort offers indoor and outdoor pools, a sauna, tennis courts, an exercise room, and hiking trails.


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