Activity Levels

On all trips offered by DeNure Tours, travellers must be able to walk up the steps of the motor coach and handle carry-on luggage without the assistance of DeNure staff. At airports, travellers will be required to handle luggage at check-in counters. Travellers on all tours have the option to make their own plans at any time and/or top opt out of the planned itinerary, providing the tour director is aware and in agreement.

1 Rabbit: Easy
This is a relaxed type of stay-put holiday where you can choose to relax in your hotel room, and/or enjoy a day on your own. Hotels have elevators, and if there is no restaurant in the hotel, transportation will be offered for you to dine out. Our Florida and Myrtle Beach destinations fall into this category, although many participants take part in more demanding optional activities.

2 Rabbits: Moderately Easy  
Travellers could be required to walk a distance of up to 500 metres (1600 feet) on fairly level terrain. Walking one flight of stairs with railings may be necessary. There is time during the day for you to rest on your own. Ocean cruising would fall into this category, although participants may take part in more demanding excursions if they choose.

3 Rabbits: Moderate    
Travellers will occasionally have to walk on uneven surfaces and through hilly terrain. Walking tours may be on the itinerary with periods of up to an hour of walking at a gentle pace. There may also be a few one-night stays, but often the majority of your trip is spent in just a handful of hotels. Most of our North American sightseeing tours fall into this category.

4 Rabbits: Moderately Challenging      
Travellers could be required to walk on uneven surfaces or through hilly terrain, up to a distance of 1 kilometre at a time. The day could be busy with activities from morning until night. Any rest is taken while travelling on the motorcoach from one attraction to another. There may also be a number of one-night stays that necessitate the need to pack up each morning. Most of our overseas tours fall into this category.
5 Rabbits: Challenging        
These tours offer very limited accessibility and guests can expect to experience uneven surfaces (i.e. cobblestones) and hilly ground on a regular basis. The itinerary could also include well paced walking tours. This level applies to a few of our overseas tours as many historical landmarks tend to demand greater effort to reach. This also applies to our Newfoundland tours as accessibility options are scarce in some remote areas.


Since 1960, DeNureTours has been planning exciting tours throughout North America, Britain and Europe. Our Tour Planners have researched and organized great holidays using over 20 years worth of first-hand knowledge and experience. Daily sightseeing excursions to area attractions capture many of the highlights you would expect to see on your holiday. However, you will also be pleasantly surprised with some of the extras we have included for your enjoyment.

Planning Makes Perfect
Travel is about exploration and we know that you are looking for a worry-free holiday. That’s what you get when you travel with DeNureTours. Our own staff also have 24-hour support no matter where in the world they travel with you.

We have done the research to find the right hotel for each destination, ensuring that you will be safe and comfortable. And don’t worry about the driving directions, just sit back, relax and leave the navigating to us. Most importantly, we’ll not only show you the sights, but we’ll make sure that our staff and local experts offer interesting information to help you capture the flavour of the local culture. That way, you can keep your head out of the guidebook and simply enjoy the amazing sights!

No Hidden Extras!
We know that you are looking for good value for your money. That’s why our tour prices include many of your meals, and most importantly, all of the tour highlights listed in your daily itinerary. We feel that our staff should be focussed on making your holiday a memorable one, not selling you optional tours!
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MYRTLE BEACH   Easy Activity Level

   Overview  Hotel  Dates & Prices  Denuros  Map  Seating     

Connections Program 
  Learn more

The Ocean Reef Resort offers the best in accommodation, amenities and activities in Myrtle Beach. It features on-site dining, an oceanfront pool, an indoor pool and lazy river, and a fitness facility.

Accommodations include oceanfront efficiency units and two-bedroom condominiums but a wide range of other room types and locations are available upon request including a onebedroom condo. Oceanfront efficiency units feature two queen beds, kitchen facilities and a sitting area. The two-bedroom condo units offer a king bed, 2 double beds, a full kitchen, 2 full bathrooms, washer/dryer, sofa bed and a dining table with 6 chairs.

Breakfast is provided daily – a continental menu on weekdays, and a full breakfast in the hotel’s beachfront restaurant on the weekends. Each week of your vacation includes an evening performance in one of Myrtle Beach’s musical theatres, and on another night, a complimentary dinner in the hotel.

DeNureTours representatives are available to provide assistance and to organize on-site social activities such as cards, crafts and bingo in a private meeting area. Regular complimentary excursions, using our own shuttle bus and driver, take guests to local shopping centres or dinner venues. Sightseeing day trips are also offered to nearby points of interest at an additional cost.

Departure Points
Stoney Creek, Burlington, Toronto, Scarborough, Whitby, Bowmanville, Lindsay, Peterborough, Port Hope, Cobourg, Colborne, Trenton, Belleville, Napanee, Kingston

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Ocean Reef Resort

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Ocean Reef Resort

Offering quiet beach-front surroundings, the hotel is located 7 kilometres north of central Myrtle Beach. If beach walking is not your choice, you can wander through beautiful residential streets to the shops and restaurants just a few blocks away.

The Ocean Reef Resort offers a room type for every traveller’s needs. For those who like to vacation with a minimum of cooking, there is an efficiency option with basic kitchen facilities
and a sitting area, all within the bedroom area.

If you expect to spend some time indoors, a one bedroom condominium may be more to your liking, with a sitting area, separate from the bedroom and kitchen. If you are expecting company, or are travelling with a friend, you may find the two bedroom condominium works better. We have listed prices for two room types, but there are many more. Please call for prices and other room types.

The Ocean Reef has all the amenities you would expect in a sea-side resort. Pools are heated and the hot tub is a popular destination on a cooler afternoon. There is a “lazy river” and exercise room, and plenty of places to sit and enjoy a view of the beach.

There are restaurants very close to our hotel, and for your convenience, the Hotel’s Banana Boat Lounge offers light meals and snacks as well as an evening bar service. 



Ocean-front Efficiency
The Ocean-Front Efficiency unit (OFE) has two queen beds, a private oceanfront balcony, a bistro table and chairs, and equipped kitchen facilities complete with a small refrigerator, microwave, and small stove.

One Bedroom Condo South
One Bedroom Angle Oceanfront Condo

Two Bedroom Condo South
The two bedroom condos are perfect for friends travelling together, or for visitors who prefer a longer holiday.

The two bedroom condos have one bedroom with a king bed and adjoining master bathroom, and another bedroom with two queen beds. There is an additional full bathroom in the common area, and there are televisions in each bedroom and in the living room.

The living room has a private balcony, sofa-bed and a dining table with six chairs. The kitchen is equipped with full sized appliances including a microwave, stove, refrigerator and dishwasher. This unit also features a stackable washer and dryer.

Parlor (2 Queens)
The Oceanfront King/Queen Parlors are equipped with two Queen Beds or one King Bed, one television, private Oceanfront Balcony, small two top table, refrigerator, microwave, and coffee pot. Also provided are an iron, ironing board, and hairdryer. Wireless internet access available.

Redeem your denuros to
reduce your price!


DepartureRoomSleeps10 days17 days24 days31 days
9/30/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1419$2299$3199$4099
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1799$3079$4349$5629
10/7/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1419$2299$3199$4099
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1799$3079$4349$5629
10/14/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1419$2299$3199$4099
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1799$3079$4349$5469
10/21/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1339$2299$3199$3819
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1749$2949$4159$5269
10/28/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1299$2169$2989$3739
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1679$2829$3969$5069
11/4/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1269$2029$2789$3559
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1679$2829$3819$4779
11/11/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1249$2029$2789$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1679$2829$3659$n/a
11/18/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1249$2029$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1679$2619$n/a$n/a
11/25/2014Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1249$n/a$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1679$n/a$n/a$n/a
2/10/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1239$2099$2999$3899
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1579$2799$3939$5069
2/17/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1299$2149$3199$4289
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1739$3049$4299$5549
2/24/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1339$2199$3399$4639
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1899$3279$4649$6029
3/3/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1399$2329$3519$4719
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1919$3359$4739$6139
3/10/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1479$2459$3649$4789
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1949$3419$4819$6239
3/17/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1559$2599$3759$4869
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1969$3469$4889$6319
3/24/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1619$2739$3879$4949
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1989$3529$4969$6459
3/31/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1679$2889$3899$5029
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$2039$3649$4939$6429
4/7/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1749$3039$3949$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$2099$3769$4919$n/a
4/14/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1749$3039$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$2099$3769$n/a$n/a
4/21/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1749$n/a$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$2099$n/a$n/a$n/a
9/29/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1449$2359$3279$4199
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1839$3159$4459$5769
10/6/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1449$2359$3279$4199
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1839$3159$4459$5769
10/13/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1449$2359$3279$4199
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1839$3159$4459$5599
10/20/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1369$2359$3279$3899
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1789$3019$4259$5399
10/27/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1329$2219$3059$3829
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1719$2899$4069$5199
11/3/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1299$2079$2859$3649
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1719$2899$3899$4899
11/10/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1279$2079$2859$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1719$2899$3749$n/a
11/17/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1279$2079$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1719$2679$n/a$n/a
11/24/2015Ocean-front EfficiencySingle$1279$n/a$n/a$n/a
Two Bedroom Condo SouthSingle$1719$n/a$n/a$n/a

Included In Price
» Express Motorcoach transportation to/from Myrtle Beach or flight alternative
» Accommodation at Ocean Reef Resort
» Weekday continental breakfast, weekend full breakfast and 1 dinner each week
» Activity program with social get-togethers, entertainment, and shuttles to shopping, restaurants and area attractions
» Evening performance at one of Myrtle Beach's popular theatres (One performance per week)
» Daily housekeeping service
» Services of resident DeNure Tours Representative
» All taxes
» U.S. airport transfers with flight alternative

Connections Program 
  Learn more

Additional Information
» What is DeNure Tours' Express Motorcoach? A very comfortable motorcoach that travels through the night to its destination with no stops for accommodation. The coach stops every 3-4 hours for breaks and meals, and offers a choice of music and movies with individual control and headsets. The clean, comfortable DeNure motorcoaches with helpful, friendly drivers are the key to DeNure Tours' 50+ years of success.
» Fly to Myrtle Beach as an alternative to the express motorcoach, (Wednesday departure/return) – Costs per person: Toronto add $600* *Exclusions apply. Call for flight prices from other Canadian cities. Flight prices are subject to change until full payment is received.


tour price
Take this tour for free if you have already accumulated the same number of denuros as the dollars required to buy this trip (For a $799 trip you need 799 Denuros).
On this tour, earn 5% of the dollar value of your tour in Denuros (On a $1000 trip earn 50 Denuros).


»  More about Denuro Rewards


We want your trip to be a memorable experience and we want to help you prepare for it!  That's why we have gathered as much information as we can to help you with your planning.  Take a look at the information below before you leave!

»Top 10 Reasons to Travel with DeNureTours 
»Styles of Vacations with DeNureTours 
»The Sunshine Express 


Find out what our travellers say about this tour. Have you been on this DeNure Tour recently? Share your experience with other travellers and Write a Review!

Loved our time at the Beach! Patsy and Larry made us feel like we were at Home in Ontario without the snow!

Linda Wallace
London, On
Our express trip to Myrtle Beach with DeNureTours this spring was most enjoyable and relaxing. We are an older couple (82 and 90) and felt right at home with everyone. Your drivers are exceptional and so courteous to all. We felt most secure with them. The Coach was very clean and tidy. The Hotel was delightful and we enjoyed sitting on the balcony and watching the bathers etc. The girls looking after our room always had a smile. We enjoyed all the shows and trips to the flea market. Larry and Patsy do an exceptional job. We are always promoting your tour company because we know first hand your company is the BEST.

Joyce and Elwyn Hutchings
Westport , ON
We have just returned from the 17 day trip to Myrtle Beach and had a wonderful time. It was our first visit there and we had been told by others that we would love it. We certainly did and we plan to return in the future! The bus drivers - Russ, Scott, Bill & Paul did a great job and kept us all safe coming and going. Patsy & Larry are the greatest! They couldn't do enough for everyone there. They were always available to answer any questions and give guidance. We also enjoyed learning some new crafts from Tiffani. Her two boys helped at breakfast the morning of the election, since they had a day off school, and we enjoyed talking to them and they really enjoyed being there. The activity bus drivers down there - Ron, Dave & Mike took good care of us on our outings and Ron kept us well entertained. We tried to take in most outings and shows and thoroughly enjoyed them all. Patsy & Larry gave us a very good selection to choose from. Thanks to Denure and their employees for making this trip a memorable one for us!

Carol & Oliver Holdstock
Oshawa, ON
We travelled with DeNure Tours last March to Myrtle Beach. We enjoyed the Ocean Reef Resort very much. The staff were very accommodating, the couple that helped with picking out the activities we were interested in could not have been more helpful. All shuttle bus excursions were very much to our enjoyment for lack of a better word. We are seniors and are past striking out on our own, and the help we had was wonderful. Patsy & Larry were great. The meals, the shopping, site seeing, the shows all much to our liking. We will certainly consider doing the Myrtle Beach trip again, only stay longer.

Howard & Joan Bernard
Brussels , ON
I was leafing through the Toronto Star on a bleak day early in January 2012 when a small advertisement caught my eye - it offered some fun and relaxation in Myrtle Beach with an Ocean View and an activity program including shuttle transportation and the Hospitality of Larry and Patsy Plemmons and their helpers.

I made the call to DeNure Tours and booked John and I for early March. This was our first experience on an overnight bus journey and to Myrtle Beach so we did not know what to expect or how things would go. Being a couple of seniors we have some health and age related challenges. Happily we were picked up by the bus in St. Catharines which is only 15 minutes from our home and we boarded a bus full of happy holidayers mostly of our own age group. We had two very competent drivers who looked after us royally and kept us informed as we progressed on our journey. When we arrived in Myrtle Beach we were introduced to Larry and Patsy, our group program leaders par excellence. I have to tell you that their hospitality is second to none - they and their helpers looked after us like their own family - nothing was too big or too small to be taken care of. They made sure that we were all well informed, that we were all kept on track, that we did not get lost or left behind anywhere! What a superb job they do with a bunch of motley travellers who all have minds of their own and opinions too!! We were shepherded around Myrtle Beach visiting great venues and wonderful theatres and restaurants and many local attractions and outings. And they made sure that our stay in the hotel was comfortable and that we had all we needed.

All in all it was a wonderful time - we felt safe and well looked after in a city and country we do not know. We are certainly planning to go back - the hotel was great, the view amazing, the beach out of this world, the entertainment wonderful, but what made it exceptional was our hosts Patsy and Larry and their helpers who go the extra mile for everyone all the time. The only thing we will change is the bus ride which was a bit too taxing for John so we will consider flying next year. Thanks for a great holiday!

John and Margaret Maynard
Jordan Station, Ontario
We would like to thank DeNure Tours for our trip to the Ocean Reef in South Carolina. Larry & Patsy where great and looked after us well. As this was our first trip there and it was not long enough so we plan to go longer in 2013. Also we would like thank the bus drivers for there kind and safe bus ride to South Carolina. It is amazing how everyone keeps on schedule.

Gregg & Bonnie Ward
Ayton, ON
We have been travelling with DeNure Tours since the mid to late 90's. For the past four or five years our destination has been Myrtle Beach and we plan to return there again next year. We have just returned home from this year's trip - 31 January to 08 March. As always, it was absolutely great! The express coach is comfortable and the drivers are fun and courteous, we find the Ocean Reef an exceptional resort and the staff very friendly and accommodating. The biggest draw to the program is Larry and Patsy Plemmons. They consistently go above and beyond to ensure that each and every guest is made to feel like an important part of the group. My wife, Linda, volunteers to help with the breakfasts and I help with the clean-up so we have gotten to know them quite well. Super People who really enjoy their job to say the least! Thank you for another great holiday.

Ron Flindall
Cobourg, Ontario
I arrived home on March 1 after three weeks at the Ocean Reef in Myrtle Beach. Patsy and Larry had an awesome plan for any program you wanted. They went overboard to try to meet any need a guest had, above and beyond the organized plan. Although early in the season, walking the beach, shopping, taking side trips, having special dinners, theatre trips and meeting amazing people from across Canada renewed my energy to cope again at home. A great treat.

Kay Prince
Orillia, On.
We had an excellent time on your tour. There are no complaints whatsoever. We plan to take the tour again next year. The hosts and hostess' were unbeatable. Our tour was on February 14, 2012 from Lindsay Ontario. Thanks for a great vacation!

Yolande & John Gysbers
Orillia, Ontario L3V 6M4
I have just arrived home from a 10 day vacation to the Ocean Reef in Myrtle Beach. Our hosts Larry and Patsy were wonderful. They are always very helpful and available.

The bus trip was a long one but, the bus drivers were very pleasant and helpful. It was nice to have a pillow and blanket.

George Trent
Lindsay, Ontario
The trip to Myrtle Beach for 10 days was wonderful. The bus drivers both going and returning home were most helpful. The pillow and blanket were very much appreciated.
Larry and Patsy at the Ocean Reef went overboard to assist everyone.

Helen Fregeau
Lindsay, Ontario
We have just returned on March 1st from a 17 day getaway to Myrtle Beach. It was our first visit to the Ocean Reef Resort which we enjoyed very much. Having all the amenities under one roof was much better than it was where we stayed previously at the Dayton House Resort. Again Larry and Patsy were great provided a good range of outings for all who wished to partake and we especially enjoyed the Theatre Shows and took in all 4 that were offered during our 2 week stay. The bus drivers did a wonderful job again getting us safely there and home again. We do hope that we will have the opportunity to do a trip to one of the DeNure sunshine destinations again in the coming years.

Robert Truax
Lindsay, On
This was my first visit to Myrtle Beach and it certainly made a lasting impression. Larry & Patsy made me feel right at home and the other vacationers were an absolute delight to socialize with. It was just wonderful meeting everyone. I would definitely return to Myrtle Beach. The bus drivers were super and made the trip to and from just perfect.

Patricia Norman
Haliburton, On
We just retuned from our 5th trip to Myrtle Beach. We just love the whole trip from the minute you step on the bus with the great drivers. This was our first time at Ocean Reef, wonderful staff and food. The tour hosts Larry and Patsy are the greatest people. They make you feel at home the minute you get there. I am looking forward to another trip in near future.

Carolyn Patten
Peterborough, Ontario, K9K 2H7
I really enjoyed our trip down to Myrtle Beach. I am always interested in the bus motors. The drivers on our trip down were excellent. We are having a great time here. Our room is great; it is nice to listen to the ocean. Larry and Patsy work very hard to be sure that everyone is comfortable and well. I have enjoyed the theatres we have gone to so far. Having breakfast supplied each day and dinner provided once a week is much appreciated. We look forward to returning to Myrtle Beach again next year.

Keith Traynor
Lindsay, On
Bus trip down was great. Accommodation is excellent. Larry and Patsy look after us and have lots of activities to offer us. Myrtle Beach is wonderful. We have been out to eat several times. Larry and Patsy work very hard to get us good value for our dollar when we go out to dine and also to the theatre.

Marie Traynor
Lindsay, ON.
Myrtle Beach was great! We loved being on the Beach and flying kites with out grandson when he came for a couple of days. Patsy & Larry worked overtime to ensure that everyone had great seats at the theatre, marvellous shopping especially at Hamricks, and great meals at a wide variety of restaurants. Our two bedrooms were well equipped and had a washer & dryer.

Currently we are in Destin and loving it too. Ron & Debbie are great hosts as well!

Ron & Marion Strickland
Mount Hope, ON
This is without a doubt, the best DeNure tour we have been on in the past 15 years. The tour hosts have been excellent. Their knowledge of the local area is astounding, bravo!

Lawrence & Georgina McKinley
Mississauga, Ontario
We both think that Larry and Patsy are doing a fantastic job in Myrtle Beach. They have lots for us all to do. We enjoy the shows and the food, and find the Ocean Reef to be a very clean and comfortable place to stay.

Phyllis & Des Donnelly
Hastings , Ontario
I look forward to my annual vacations in Myrtle Beach. The care and thought that Larry and Patsy put into the program is readily apparent and much appreciated. The beach-front condo at Ocean Reef is fantastic as well. My husband, Ron, and I always return home with great memories, well rested, and anxious for a return trip the following year. Thank you to DeNure for such a fantastic time.

Linda Flindall
Cobourg , Ontario
The best of the best!!! With the great Southern Hospitality of Larry and Patsy, you feel like you are home with family. The daily activity programs are flexible with great shopping trips, dinner outings, theatre shows... etc. With Larry's and Triple D's humorous stories and sayings. As they say in the South, You'll all come back now! And we intend to do so with the wonderful Grand Stand Beach.

Graham Bloom
Lindsay, ON
We enjoy the theatres and find all of the staff very friendly.

Gordon & Beth Nummey
Alliston, Ontario
We are getting ready to leave on our 5th trip to Myrtle Beach. Our hosts, Larry & Patsy, go above & beyond the call of duty to make sure everyone has a terrific vacation. The variety of activities they offer give all tourists something of interest in which to participate. The bus drivers are very courteous and keep us well informed en route. The change of accommodation to the Ocean Reef Resort was a good move. This trip offers excellent value considering the cost of the trip.

Murray & Mary Hall
Wingham, Ontario
This is my 10th trip to Myrtle Beach and they get better with each trip. Larry and Patsy are so well organized and are so wonderful to everyone. I just returned from the flea market and it's off to Tanger Outlet Mall before dinner at Carolina Roadhouse. I'm staying for two months so I'll have plenty of time to walk the beach and look for shark teeth. Prayers for all my DeNurian friends.

Audrey Weiss
Burlington, ontario
For the past two winters Henry and I have gone to Myrtle Beach with DeNure Tours. We have been very pleased with the service we received. The voyage by coach is comfortable and the drivers are very obliging. The resort is excellent and for the host and hostess they go out of their way to be of help. We have enjoyed our holidays so much that we are going again this winter and looking forward to it. Well done DeNure keep up the good work.

Joan Desjardins
Perth, Ontario
An absolutely great program!
My wife and I are in Myrtle Beach once again this year. We have found Larry and Patsy to be terrific hosts; they definitely mean to please, and their good at it.
We've been travelling with DeNure since the mid 90's and have found this location to be one of our favourites. Great theatre, great shopping, terrific beach, our kind of weather, and an absolutely super program with an absolutely super couple running it.
Two thumbs up to Myrtle Beach!!!

Ron Flindall
Cobourg , Ontario
We've been at least 12 times and it keeps getting better. Larry and Patsy are such a caring family and look after everything so well. They're like family. The outings and shows are tremendous and you get the best seats at a very reasonable price. Don't let the journey put you off because the drivers are great and the movies help to pass the time away. Also many stops along the way in comfy seats with pillow and blankets.

June and Norman Healey
Unionville, Ont
We are planning on taking this tour for a month starting in Feb 2012. Reading some of the travellers reviews would maybe let us know weather, stores, etc are in the area.
Thank You.
Gary Bedore

Gary & Sylvia Bedore
Peterborough, ON

On April 23rd, Sandy and I met the DeNure Bus at the Tim Hortons in Stoney Creek at 1:00P.M. Rick and Todd were the friendly bus drivers who took our luggage. We boarded the bus and saw many familiar faces: Linda and Mary from Peterborough, Ruth from Oakville, Denise, Wendy and Garcia, the Manchester friends. Read More »

Liz Ryerson
Hamilton, Ontario


I have had adventures to Myrtle Beach not once, not twice, but 7 times and hopefully 8 times this fall. When my granddaughter graduated from Trent University we took a DeNure Tour trip to Myrtle Beach. Read More »

Joyce Bartley
Norland, ON


I must say this is not a hard letter to write. We have so enjoyed Myrtle Beach. Patsy & Larry make everything go so wonderfully smooth. When we go to Myrtle Beach it seems like we all become one big family and are so welcomed by Patsy & Larry they are so special and so organized. Read More »

Jan Doherty
Peterborough, ON


My adventures to Myrtle Beach - not once, not twice but 7 times and hopefully 8 times this fall! 

When my granddaughter graduated from University, we took a DeNure Tour trip to Myrtle Beach. We were treated so well, we have gone every year since. Read More »

Joyce Bartley
Norland, ON


I have just returned from a ten day trip to Myrtle Beach, where I stayed at the Ocean Reef. Here’s how it all happened.

I love and appreciate the safety and security of getting picked up and dropped off at my front door. I pack my bags, stand outside my front door and DeNure Tours takes it from there. Read More »

Liz Ryerson
Hamilton, ON


We went to Myrtle Beach from March 13 to April 19, 2012, and had a wonderful time as always. It was very pleasant travelling on your motorcoaches. The meal breaks and washroom stops are very well planned. It is a very hassle free way to travel.

We stayed at the Ocean Reef. Read More »

Dennis & Fay Jackson
Mount Hope, ON


We enjoy travelling with DeNure Tours, and have done so for a number of years. In April of this year, we took the sunshine express to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.

This trip was as enjoyable as the previous ones. The seats on the bus were comfortable and the drivers were polite and accommodating. Read More »

Adelaide Gerrie
Pickering, ON


On March 27, 2012, my wife Joan and I set off on our first DeNure Tour, a ten day trip to Myrtle Beach.
In planning the trip, the DeNure staff was very helpful in describing the tour and helping us to sign up for it. We were put in touch with Larry in Myrtle Beach by Email who answered some questions relative to golfing there, specifically that we should wait until we arrived before booking tee-off times. Read More »

Jerry and Joan Legate
South River, ON


We have recently returned from a 10 day DeNure trip to Myrtle Beach. We feel that we experienced a first class trip from the beginning to end.

When we telephoned to book a tour we received great help to book, to look after insurance, to book the Sheraton Hotel at the airport for our overnight stay. Read More »

Joan and Tom McGee
Flesherton, ON


The big, comfy DeNure coach picked us up in Lindsay. As we approached Peterborough the driver announced that the air-conditioning had failed. From then on, the drivers were very accommodating by opening the roof vents, and we had a good trip to Myrtle Beach. Read More »

Gloria & Earnie Johnson
Orillia, ON


My wife booked a three week holiday with DeNure Tours for March, 2012. I will begin by saying that we were very please with everything from the beginning to the end of our trip to Myrtle Beach. We are a retired couple and this was our first experience travelling this distance by bus. Read More »

Don Bell


This trip to Myrtle Beach was our first time travelling with DeNure Tours. We were not sure about spending this long on a bus but found the time passed quickly as we watched movies, stopped frequently and felt very safe. The drivers were excellent, friendly, funny and informative. Read More »

Lorraine Bell


If you’ve never visited Myrtle Beach you are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to meet Patsy and Larry Plemmons and enjoy their gracious hospitality and the enjoyable and interesting holiday they have planned for you.

Patsy and Larry put together a three week schedule. Read More »

Audrey Weiss


The DeNure Tours coach rides smooth and is very comfortable, with lots of leg room. The pillow and blanket that are provided are much appreciated; we travel with a neck pillow of our own. We appreciate being able to select our seats on the coach and remain in the same seat for the duration of the trip. Read More »

Marie & Keith Traynor


Myrtle Beach is a resort power house. It offers something for everyone—, hundreds of hotels, many of them beach front, the best golf courses, world class malls with very good prices on almost everything, exceptional entertainment venues and performances, dining establishments with mouthwatering menus to satisfy every pallet and pocket book and 60 miles of pristine white beaches which are well maintained and safety insured by beach patrols of police and life guards. Read More »

Ray Cross

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